Annron air offers a professional range of domestic installations.

As an air conditioning specialist we can come to your home and evaluate the right unit to suit your needs.

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We confirm the area which is desired to be comfort controlled and the conditions are subject to, ie. Sun direction, roof type, insulation and area usage, along with area all combine to select the right unit for the job.

But by following some easy rules in day-to-day operation, you can further reduce running costs:

Close all external windows and doors when your system is running.
Shade your windows during hot summer days (to keep the heat out) and during cold nights (to keep the heat in). When you expect a hot day, turn on the air conditioner early, rather than wait until your home is hot.

Similarly, start heating early when expecting a  cold day.

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Homes at any temperature can cause feelings of discomfort to many people, especially allergy sufferers. The fact is, with dust, pollen, hair, mould, chemical fumes, cigarette smoke and more, the air inside your home can be even more polluted than the air outside. We can help alleviate these problems.


Domestic Installation


Split system air conditioning gives you total climate control, all year round with the press of a button. Split systems suit individual rooms, allowing the user total control over their environment. It is important to have the correct size unit for the area you require to cool or heat. Sizes vary from 2.5 kW for a bedroom or small study up to 10.0 kW for a large open plan lounge living area. With the compressor located in the condenser outside your house, it leaves the whisper quite indoor unit inside your house to provide comfort in heating or cooling all year round.

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Ducted systems are a cost effective way to cool or heat your entire home, with minimum impact to the aesthetics and décor of your home. Creating up to three times the  heating / cooling output for every kilowatt of electricity used. A ducted indoor unit is located in the roof space with a combination of metal and flexible ductwork distributing conditioned air throughout the house through ceiling mounted grilles. Ducted systems can have zones to allow different areas of the house to be conditioned, whilst areas of the house not being utilised can be turned off avoiding wasted energy and performance will increase.

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A zoning system gives you the same kind of flexibility in controlling heating and cooling that you have with light switches in your home. It doesn’t make sense to waste energy to light a room no one’s using, so you turn off the light switch, right? With zoning you can basically do the same thing with heating and cooling, while increasing your comfort and saving on your energy bills.
Zoning may allow you to install a smaller unit. Smaller-capacity equipment costs less to install and to operate. Smaller units can sometimes mean a single phase system over having to upgrade to 3 Phase power. That translates into even more savings!

zone controller


The air conditioning system controls the three major factors, temperature, humidity and air movement, that determine the comfort level of your home with whisper quite operation.

Simple temperature management is only the beginning. To achieve superior indoor comfort, you’ve got to start with the basics -- heating or cooling -- as the foundation for your system.

In the summer, it is preferable to remove humidity so indoor air feels cooler and and more comfortable. Dehumidification is achieved by using the air conditioning system as they remove moisture from the air even at low loads.

In the still, hot humid nights that Queensland can be known for, it is important to be able to sit back and have cool,  dehumidified air flowing to provide total comfort for you and your family.





The running costs mainly depend on:

 The type and size of your system (inverter or non-inverter).

The amount of time you’re operating the system for.

The construction of your home (floor plan, level of insulation, size of windows, etc.).

The temperature you choose on the thermostat: each degree Celsius cooler in summer, and each degree warmer in winter will increase the running costs.

Find the temperature you’re comfortable with, try 24 degrees in
summer and 21 degrees in winter.

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